Anonymous asked: I've seen so many of your gifs stolen by others!

really?? oh man that sucks and I guess that’s unavoidable..

Sunday Apr 4 @ 08:28pm
Friday Apr 4 @ 04:26pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 02:28pm

These are like the first six shows I think we’ve done in three years together so it’s still kind of getting the wheels greased a little bit but it’s a lot of fun. (x)

Saturday Apr 4 @ 07:14pm
Friday Mar 3 @ 07:52pm

Mick Jagger.

Mick Jagger.

Monday Mar 3 @ 11:14am
Tuesday Feb 2 @ 04:37pm

Alone in a darkened room, The Count.

Tuesday Feb 2 @ 04:34pm
Monday Feb 2 @ 12:35am
Friday Feb 2 @ 07:55pm

john, I’m only dancing

Sunday Feb 2 @ 06:35am
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Friday Jan 1 @ 01:25pm

King Bowie


King Bowie

Wednesday Jan 1 @ 01:56pm
Friday Jan 1 @ 01:02pm